Believed the Lie 0

Why ……so many lies, why so much deceit . IF I asked a thousand times, trust still won’t come from his cheeks . they all use cues , and one , watches to see what fits the verse and the other gets  confused and mad when you curse , the very tone he  takes… It’s all a mistake, like a play date  and make believe . …its A NOT ,  and not is what I get …knots and naught, and nights like tonight  … realizing he sells lies, he fed me spoils they he learned from others before, did time , got free and then decided to hide from me,  went down and then took the only thing I had left in me … trust and belief of received_10207951541095754 what he said was truth to me …. it was just a LIE , from the cheeks I once thought would LIE next to me …. It’s all a wait ….for a LIE