Blindvision 0

Experience brings about knowing by action. And these actions stir up emotion. Emotion in turn moves you to want to act, but sometimes inappropriately.

I realized just this past few weeks, I didn’t trust. I didn’t feel moved, I hadn’t experienced love. Infatuation, belonging satisfied for a moment, and selfish satisfaction all are cheap imitations of the greatest expression of all.

Too eager to have it look, and feel, taste and talk, walk and be what I wanted, I became crippled with catering, conning, and considering less is better than nothing. So, take back the failed attempt of permanent pausing, and release me, to pour out and again REFILL. My glass is not leaking, and not even empty, but waiting for love to yet fill.PhotoGrid_1444651247477

Still seek I guess I must, trade in tears for possibility and trust. This thing called love is responsible for the existing of me  and hopefully a future——US.