Dam that …… 0

It was too late to call.. I fell asleep

You seemed ok , so I didn’t speak and I thought you meant for you, NOT for me …….dam that !!!!!

I’ll let it go , just change with me, and you ain’t got a clue, believe …..what you hear NOT see, I ain’t doing nothing you ain’t doing to me ,…….. dam that!!!

Close your mind , open your mouth,

This feels so right ,  THIS time ..

I’ll go without and , in time ,

HELL will tell the tale , HIS past is dead… I feel you, I Said  …But ignore that hidden email, THE ONE I RE-READ Things aren’t what they look like , IT IS COMPLICATED……dam that!!!!

What I see I see  ,  what you say I hear , what you make me feel, received_10207951541095754 I believe and this way there is no place for DECEIVE, apology or not , I two fucks don’t need …. DAM THAT !!!!…. now leave