No Thing is His Thing 0

That’s what you said the last time,

That’s what I read the last time.

Circumstances, obligations, truth went on a long vacation, trying to come up with what prolonged nothing AGAIN, this time.

See, I was in my lane on my side minding my business , feeling sublime.

Trying to hear from the Divine and To my surprise…ITS NOT YOU. BUT YOUR NO things and your lines. No lanes, just moving , always extra and proving that everything you say is what I should see. 

Debonair , full of flair, crusted tastes and unheard of places, so by me I thought u must be confused. But no, u say and speak and PREACH and reach out ,  to the desolate in me and from even a jail cell , say YOU FREE.20150322_1149242 Another level, a different man you claimed I’d see.

But understand , I’m not blind, and words are heard as ways define the truth of what others may be fooled by . You say a lot , but do even little, a giant No more … No Thing is your thing and that I SEE.