Wait 0

This time thing stinks…I’m vomiting. Regurgitate all , the very thing you put all your anticipate in. WAIT.

Holding on like a wish on the brink of almost but absolutely not yet .KEEP looking back then forward , how far did it get, closer I hope , but it’s so not there , fret has set.20130721-203236.jpg

The hint of possibilities and yet it is far fetched . A dream or wanting either way, it comes now, NOPE , ANOTHER DAY..

I’m tired and stopping short of finally , because all of everything ain’t no where near to me… let it be , walk away, I’m not believing a word of say, it’s late, it is too late . Never mind , I didn’t want it any way. Go back , I won’t ask, it’s done, I lose , chance won . I DONT need another pray or it may… but if my eyes open again , I’ll probably say, start over , it’s new, don’t hesitate….

So, it’s back to wait. Ok.